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TRP Supports Expansion of City of Chicago Pilot to Combat Gentrification

The Resurrection Project supports the City of Chicago’s efforts to expand the requirements of the Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) within Pilsen and Little Village.

This pilot is a first great step to combat gentrification pressures already occurring in the Pilsen neighborhood.

The specific solutions being proposed by the pilot ordinance begin to address the affordable housing issues the community has prioritized in recent planning efforts. Through the Pilsen Planning Committees Quality of Life Plan (PPC QOLP) the following housing objectives were identified as priorities:

  • Increase the development of affordable housing
  • Accelerate the preservation of affordable housing
  • Assist property owners in preserving affordable housing stock
  • Provide outreach to homeowners and renters about available housing resources

The Quality of Life Plan was a collaboration with many organizations and over 1,000 residents in the community.

The pilot will increase the required ARO percentage from 10% to 20%, doubling the number of required affordable housing units created in Pilsen – Little Village under the ARO.

Further, the pilot will increase in-lieu fees, encouraging more ARO units and, alternatively raising funds to build, subsidize, and support affordable housing in our communities and beyond.

Finally, the pilot helps usher in several new programs, which TRP along with other housing agencies will help to design so that existing tenants and homeowners can benefit from the improvements in these neighborhoods. The community has advocated for investment for years; this ordinance is one step closer to preserving their long term presence.