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A Miracle on Loomis Street

Pictured from left to right: TRP Property Manager Daniel Rathjen, Pilsen Resident Liliana C., New TRP Resident Martin Solis

by Isabela Vielma-Reyes
January 6, 2023

Days before the blizzard, Martin Solis found himself alone, cold, and taking refuge under the viaduct near Loomis Street in Pilsen. That was until Liliana stopped to talk to him one day after seeing him several times on her frequent walks around the neighborhood. Liliana was shocked when Mr. Solis told her he had a knee injury that kept him from working, which caused him to lose his job soon after he lost his housing. Mr. Solis had a string of unfortunate circumstances but seemed hopeful after learning that he would undergo surgery for a knee replacement.

“I couldn’t just leave him out there knowing there could be a place for him somewhere.”

Liliana, a Pilsen resident said, “I couldn’t just leave him out there knowing there could be a place for him somewhere.” She wondered whether he would have a safe and warm place to reside and eventually recuperate, and her quest began. The stars aligned within a week; Mr. Solis has social security benefits, and Liliana reached out to TRP to find a housing solution and helped Mr. Solis submit the necessary items. TRP processed his application, and Mr. Solis was approved for Casa Del Sol a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) residence.

On December 22, 2022, Liliana, TRP Property Manager Dan, and Casa del Sol residents got to work on moving in Mr. Solis. Another generous resident released their first floor apartment to him, and soon Property Manager Dan cleared, cleaned, and painted the apartment.

Mr. Solis reflected on the past week and said, “I’m so grateful to Liliana and Daniel because this can happen to anyone, and anyone can come here and get help and housing.”

Martin Solis is happy and comfortable in his new home, which will ensure that he stays safe while he recovers from knee surgery.

“I was miserable not working and being homeless, and now I am the example. I want to give others hope.” 

Thank you to TRP Property Manager Daniel Rathjen, Pilsen resident Liliana C., and residents of Casa Del Sol for your compassion and generosity to support your neighbor and build a healthy community.

To learn more about TRP’s application process and affordable housing options, please visit https://resurrectionproject.org/how-to-rent-a-trp-apartment/ or contact the Property Management office at 312-248-8355 or email [email protected].