What We Do

Building Relationships! Creating Healthy Communities!

What We Do

At The Resurrection Project, we believe that social change starts at the community level. When individuals feel safe and secure, they are more likely to invest in their community, making it a better place for all. We support this development by providing services that stabilize and protect families, by helping them acquire assets and improve their financial health, and by mobilizing them to advocate for long-lasting, positive change.

Help Families Build Financial Security

In order to build community wealth, we believe that it is our responsibility to support families so they can make financially sound decisions. We work with families to help them achieve financial security and reach their goals by offering financial wellness workshops and services. Our programs help families improve their financial health by building credit, reducing debt, purchasing their new home, avoiding foreclosure and much more.

Provide Access to Affordable Housing

By increasing access to affordable housing, we provide a solid foundation for families, making it easier for them to climb the economic ladder and build intergenerational wealth. We ensure community stability by directly developing and managing properties which provide families access to affordable housing. We advocate for affordable housing while offering our residents a wide-array of support services.

Defend Immigrant Rights

We provide the tools and services necessary to navigate a complex immigration legal system, ensuring access to justice for immigrants. We strive to keep families together and protect the rights of our most vulnerable community members. We advocate for immigration policies and offer high-quality legal screenings, representation, and bilingual trainings.

Inspire Collective Power

By working within coalitions and engaging community residents, we advocate for favorable housing, education, health, and immigration policies. We develop and train leaders to advocate for the issues that are important to them and their communities.

The Resurrection Project creates healthy communities by investing in neighborhoods and its people. We believe that people are a community's most important assets.