TRP’s Model

In anticipation of its growth trajectory and its ability to achieve success, TRP assessed its operations and devised a structured, methodical model that capitalizes on its core competencies and the existing synergies within and across its divisions. This assessment resulted in the formation of the TRP Community Resurrection Model, a transformative, adaptable process that creates healthy communities.

Essential to the model are the three strategic pillars: Stewardship of Community Assets, Community Ownership, and Community Wealth Building. These strategic pillars strengthen public, private, and community stakeholders to provide the sustainable foundation that gives rise to healthy communities.

The Community Resurrection Model

The model provides the organization the flexibility to provide any of the core services within the strategic pillars in any order as long as all three elements are executed to ensure the groundswell necessary to strengthen stakeholders and create healthy communities.

Through this model, TRP has aligned its divisions with a synergistic, shared vision of how The Resurrection Project creates healthy communities.