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TRP saves the Mendez’ home from a complicated case of foreclosure

by Alex Morales
Published: January 18, 2011
Angelina Mendez, a 41 year-old local entrepreneur and mother of two, was able to purchase a home close to the convenience store she owns in Little Village. Like many families who have faced the danger of foreclosure, Angelina was able to accommodate the initial payments on her home before her original mortgage terms expired. As is the case for sub-prime loans and adjustable rate mortgages, once the new term expired, her house payments increased dramatically.
When her payments skyrocketed to almost triple the amount she used to pay monthly she started to look for help. Angelina’s sister, whose own home had been saved from foreclosure and mortgage payments reduced after working with The Resurrection Project, recommended she contact us. Angelina, already aware of The Resurrection Project’s reputation in the community, called us immediately.
TRP’s Foreclosure Manager, Alex Navas, began working with Angelina in September 2009: reviewing her documents, contacting the bank who owned her mortgage, and applying for a loan remediation,. During the lengthy process, while waiting for a resolution from the bank, Angelina found out that her mortgage servicer had changed. With her loan in the hands of a new servicer, Angelina and Mr. Navas had to reinitiate the loan modification process. Despite the setback, TRP quickly established contact with the new servicer, submitted her paperwork, and achieved a loan modification. Now,  Angelina is thrilled with her new fixed-rate mortgage payment, which is nearly a third of what it had been when she first contacted TRP.
“I am grateful to TRP as they we are able to help me protect my investment, and they did so with a high level of professionalism, trust and integrity- and I have been telling everyone about my experience. Now my daughters and I can enjoy once again the financial stability of owning our home. And they did everything without expecting anything in return, just driven by good faith” shared Angelina.
If you, a family member, a friend or anyone you know is in the process of foreclosure, please refer them to TRP. We help families save their homes! Check out our Foreclosure Prevention page!