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TRP goes to Washington DC to march for comprehensive immigration reform

by Alex Morales
Published: March 29, 2010
As part of an effort to remind President Obama and legislators of promises to overhaul immigration policy, on Sunday March 21st, over 200,000 people rallied at the National Mall to build momentum for fair and comprehensive immigration reform. The Resurrection Project helped organize busses volunteers, clients and community members and parishioners to travel to the capitol in support of hard working immigrant families urging President Obama to act on his vows from the campaign trail.
During the proceedings, community leaders and elected officials took the stage to rally the masses while homemade signs with slogans like “Who Would Jesus Deport?” and “My mother is not a criminal” served as the backdrop to what was a successful peaceful demonstration.
“This event is a family affair. It is beautiful to see many strong families with their kids holding signs, all eager and excited to remind our lawmakers that we are here, that we are organized and ready for action” shared Florencia, a resident in Casa Morelos and mother of two children, who along with her husband marched in D.C.  “It was a wonderful to see so many people, all to remind our president to keep his promise on comprehensive immigration reform” shared her 13 year old son Marco . His little brother, 10 year old Eliut added “It was amazing to be here and see all the monuments I have learned about in school.  Plus I have never seen so many people at one place, definitively a day I won’t forget.”
“This massive march, along with all the events leading to it, reminded us of something: We are not alone. Those who came out of their homes to applaud, give water and join the crowd encouraged many of us” shared Xochitl Espinosa, Policy and Community Organizer Coordinator for The Resurrection Project. “ It is time to reunite and fight for.”