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Celebrating the life of TRP Co-Founder, Rose Dominguez

Rose Dominguez was a great woman, mother, grandmother, aunt, neighbor, leader, mentor—person! While her body moved on (July 12, 2018), her combated spirit lives on at The Resurrection Project and the communities she served. In the 1990’s Rose was one of several courageous leaders who co-founded The Resurrection Project—an organization that exemplifies her spirit through its mission to “challenge people to put their faith and values in action to build relationships and build healthier communities.”

Rose was a woman of faith who was compassionate, fierce, loving – a true warrior. Rose was the epitome of a friend’s friend. To Rose, “Mi Casa Es Tu Casa” (My Home Is Your Home) was not just a statement. At her service, her children shared stories that their home was a place in which friends, neighbors, relatives and strangers called home because even though her plate was full with 6 children, she never turned anyone away.

Rose loved her church and her community.  At both St. Vitus and St. Adalbert she was an active parishioner, leader, youth mentor, catechist and organizer. The church festivals or “Kermeses” thrived under Rose’s leadership. When challenges in her community became too unbearable to ignore, she found strength in her faith and with her family, church and neighbors to take the issues head on. Rose didn’t just pray for problems to go away, she modeled for others that social justice needs action not just prayer. On issues of affordable housing, education, health, immigration, safety and any other issues that made for a healthier community, Rose was always beside you, taking action with you, challenging others with you and making a difference with you. Rose was the first board chair of The Resurrection Project and leaves a legacy of building healthier communities that still continues today.

Rose is at peace, but not resting. Her resolve to build a “kingdom on earth” lives on. In honoring her, we must act! In celebrating her life, we must act! And, in remembering her, we must act! She would have it no other way!

Rose Dominguez is survived by her loving husband of over 40 years, Juan Dominguez, her six children—Gabriel, Rosie, Letty, Johnny, Jordan and Angie, her grandchildren, and the countless people she touched. May peace be with you!


Raul I. Raymundo

CEO and TRP Co-Founder