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The Resurrection Project and Faith in Action Partners Working to Reduce Community Violence

For Immediate Release
Media contact: Diana Pando, 312-498-4067/ [email protected]
The Resurrection Project (TRP) and community partners of Faith in Action will be hosting a Peace in Pilsen Action:  Police Roll Call and Police vs. Youth Basketball Game onFriday, May 22, 2015 – 6PM to8PM at Throop Park, 1811 South Throop Street, Chicago, IL 60608. These actions encourage residents and youth to activate public spaces with positive activity.
Promoting peace during the spring and summer months is critical because it’s when violent crime escalates. News sources report most killings in Chicago takes place when the weather starts getting warmer and are a constant problem impacting communities. Faith in Action is part of a city-wide effort to promote peace in Chicago.
“Working with youth and the 12th District Police Department gives us an opportunity to build trust and start conversations about community violence,” says Sandy Chavez Cook County State’s Attorney Office, Anita Alvarez. “Events like this are important across the city to address the issue violence.”
This event is one of several events that focus on community safety. The Resurrection has a long history of working with youth through our Resurrection Basketball League initiative. This is a weekly summer tournament held on different streets in Pilsen that are considered hot spots for violence.
“The goal is to reclaim these blocks as areas of peace, fun, and safety for youth. These types of events also help introduce youth to other resources to help them become leaders in the community,” says Henry Cervantes, TRP Safety Organizer
Additional things The Resurrection Project and its community partners have been doing is coordinating efforts through the Pilsen Family Task Force. Organizations that are part of this task force include: Cook County States Attorney, Anita Alvarez, Chicago Police Department, 12th district, 25th Ward, Alderman Danny Solis, St. Pius V Parish, YMCA, Youth Safety and Violence Prevention, Central States Ser, Mujeres Latinas en Accion, Union League Boys and Girls Club, Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, GOAL Corps
Together they have been holding a series of actions that include the following: Facilitating non-violence workshops for youth, organizing peace and safety walks in the community, and hosting events like the police vs youth basketball game.
“Things families can do together include participating in public events, getting to know their neighbors and youth, and reporting violence. Community ownership is key to building healthy communities,” says Erendira Rendon, TRP Lead Organizer. “This means residents and their families are encouraged to be invested in their neighborhood by being active participants in their community.”
For TRP community safety is a priority in Pilsen. It is a community of youth filled with potential and it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure we are providing them with the opportunities they need to succeed. TRP encourages residents and youth in getting involved to call us at 312-880-1151 or go to www.resurrectionproject.org to learn more about our community safety initiatives
After 25 years and an initial seed capital of $30,000 from area parishes, The Resurrection Project (TRP) has grown to become a powerful and effective social enterprise that seamlessly blends community development, community organizing, and advocacy with human service delivery to create vibrant, healthier, and involved communities. Our efforts have resulted in leveraging over $345 million in community investment to empower more than 38,500 individuals.