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Resurrection Basketball League Celebrates its 12th Season

by Jeanette Galicia – New Communities Program Organizer
Published: June 17, 2010
In 1999, TRP created the Resurrection Basketball League (RBL), a Friday night youth sports league, to give young people positive recreational alternatives on a Friday.
In collaboration with the Chicago Police Department and other community based and civic organizations, RBL takes as many as 60 youth ages  7-18 out every Friday evening from June to August to play basketball in different blocks throughout Pilsen.
RBL’s efforts are primarily focused on promoting safe alternatives for area youth by teaching teamwork, healthy competition, and conflict resolution.
It’s Like a Block Party Every Week
Picture a whole city block, closed down for the youth to bond over sports and art activities, eat hotdogs and hamburgers, and dance to the DJ’s music.  Families join in, often helping barbecue or acting as built-in cheerleaders for the teams playing in shifts on the courts. Volunteers flip burgers and keep score.  Chicago police officers referee the games and mingle with onlookers.
RBL has been successful in building relationships between and amongst community residents and police officials.  Throughout the summer, Chicago Police Department officers supervise the RBL tournaments.  Youth and parents get to build relationships with local police officers through weekly interactions.  This mutual respect and trust are essential to promoting peace within the community.   Every week there are different blocks scheduled to host RBL.  Therefore, creating opportunities for residents from different blocks to meet one another and create unity for the neighborhood.
RBL has been able create this healthy environment for 11 years.  This year,  The Resurrection Project celebrates RBL’s twelfth season of success and looks forward to continuing providing positive recreational alternatives to youth in Pilsen.