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Reflecting on 2018, a letter from CEO, Raul I. Raymundo

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We begin 2019 re-energized because of you. Thank you for standing with us.

Your belief in each other, in our neighbors, and in our community revitalizes our work at The Resurrection Project. Together we succeed. It’s that simple. 2018 was a year filled with learning and opportunities. With your support we have achieved many accomplishments that have made a lasting impact on the families we serve. Through our model, we are mindful of the richness that make up our family systems and value we add to the different generations we serve. We thank you for your fellowship and we are proud to share a few highlights of our work that reflect TRP’s reach and impact.

  • In 2018 we stood with Oscar and Wendy, and thousands of other families who turn to TRP for immigration services and advocacy. Through the immigration work of our Community Ownership Pillar, we advocated for systems change and also provided needed services, filing over 600 first-time DACA applications, DACA renewal applications, citizenship applications, and prevented some deportations.
  • Through our Stewardship of Community Assets Pillar, we provided affordable rental housing to 856 low income persons of which 42% are particularly vulnerable to changes in cost of living; 30% are under 18 years of age and 12% are 65+ years of age. We secured $707,518 in support of TRP’s Casa del Sol, Pilsen’s largest single room occupancy project.
  • We worked with Pedro and his family to buy their first home, and with 100 families to achieve homeownership through Full Circle Homes and our Community Wealth Building Pillar, generating $16.5 M in community wealth. We provided 1,200 people with individualized financial coaching and wealth-building services and educated 1,100 more in workshops teaching people how to build credit, manage personal finances, and prepare for and sustain homeownership. We are proud of our first CDFI Fund Financial Assistance award of $125,000 which will allow our CDFI to continue growing as a mission-driven financial institution.
  • We launched our latest Social Enterprise – LiftUp. It is a for-profit holding company that incubates, grows, and accelerates livable jobs which include TRP’s pillar wrap around services. LiftUp began the year with five jobs and closed 2018 with 20 employees. A three-year $760,000 Community Economic Development grant positions LiftUp to grow in 2019 and beyond.

As we begin 2019, we wholeheartedly reiterate our promise to you, to our team, and to our community that we will continue to be great stewards of your time, energy and treasure with us.  We will seize new opportunities, disrupt old systems that don’t work, and honor the spirit of revitalized hope that we receive from every person who comes to TRP for our services.

We applaud your investment as champions, donors, neighbors, grantors, and partners. Your support makes a big difference. It’s that simple!