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Keeping Immigrants’ Hope Alive

A new political era begins as the 45th President of our country takes control of the Oval Office in a climate marked by divergence and uncertainty. These emotions are especially representative of minority groups and immigrant communities who were the target of offensive and divisive rhetoric displayed during the past presidential campaign.

The undying feelings of hope of immigrant families throughout the nation were deeply overshadowed by a somber outlook about the future: specific threats of an immediate DACA repeal and large scale deportations have filled our community with anxiety, uncertainty, and great fear.

Nonetheless, the foothills of Congress where protest rallies gathered these last few days, have set the tone of what’s to come. The people of this country are ready to organize and remain active to ensure that the rights of those who are amongst the most vulnerable are protected.

The Resurrection Project remains at the forefront of empowering immigrant families by creating new programs and enhancing existing ones in order to guarantee accurate information and much needed resources for the communities we serve.

“Unfortunately, we are operating under the assumption that the new administration will go through with the anti-immigrant policies pledged during the campaign,” says Erendira Rendon, national projects director at TRP. “Our goal is to remain an outlet that the immigrant community can turn to in times of confusion so that they can get the clarity and vital information they need to protect their rights and make educated decisions about their future.”

As part of the efforts currently coordinated by TRP, the Community Navigator Program, part of Chicago’s Legal Defense Fund, will function as a legal defense strategy that will take legal support directly into Chicago communities with high concentrations of foreign-born households. They will provide outreach, education, document preparation, and naturalization assistance among other services.

The program works by providing training to organizations and individuals in the Community Navigator Network (TRP will recruit, train, and organize 200 Community Navigators).

These organizations recruit Navigators that will serve as connectors, linking undocumented individuals and legal permanent residents to key service providers such as community organizations, religious networks, legal clinics, mental health providers, and consulates among others. The program will be in collaboration with eight immigrant-serving organizations across the city:

  • Centro de Trabajadores Unidos
  • Centro Romero
  • Erie Neighborhood House
  • Indo-American Center
  • Instituto del Progreso Latino
  • Korean American Resource and Cultural Center
  • Southwest Organizing Project
  • United African Organization
  • National Partner and Creator of the Community Navigator Program: The National Partnership for New Americans

In addition, TRP has also been hosting the “Know Your Rights” immigration workshops and will continue to develop seminars in the days to come. The Know Your Rights Card provides tips for interacting with police and understanding peoples’ rights regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin or religion.

For more information on this, follow this link: https://www.univision.com/chicago/wgbo/noticias/indocumentados/estudiantes-inmigrantes-de-las-escuelas-nobl-reciben-un-taller-sobre-sus-derechos-video

Additional initiatives and events are being developed by TRP as more immigration related information is released by the new administration.

The expectation to see if the new government maintains the confrontational and divisive approach or if it will finally embrace the country as one is greater than ever. So is the opportunity to close wounds and call for unity.

A new phase begins, while an entire country -and the world- remain vigilant, paying close attention to what the upcoming days will unveil. More than ever, TRP and our partners across the nation will stay alert, mobilize, and work to protect our immigrant community.

To learn more about TRP’s immigration services please visit: https://trpold.wpengine.com/

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