CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, November 2, 2018 — Voting is a precious commodity and we can’t continue to allow our current political culture to erode our civil society or compromise our local communities. This election we need a massive caravan of voters to stop the militarization of our border, to stop the toxic anti-immigrant environment the President has created, and to dispel the President’s belief that he alone can change the constitution’s 14th amendment; which guarantees citizenship to both US-born and naturalized individuals.

As a naturalized citizen, I want an America that embraces diversity and promotes economic opportunity for everyone. I want to live in a country that upholds our constitution and moral values, and that strives to build on the legacy of contributions made by immigrants. We live in a great democracy; albeit more fragile when people fail to participate. Which is why this caravan of voters is so important. It must teach (compel) and inform (persuade) our relatives, friends, children, and neighbors that this country’s future depends on actively participating in our democracy.

Whether it’s the massacre of innocent Jewish people in Pittsburgh, bombing attacks on civic leaders or threats to use force at the border; this should be motivation enough to vote your conscience next Tuesday. If other issues concern you more such as the rising cost of education, healthcare, housing and attacks on the environment then you too must join the caravan and vote. If these reasons are not compelling enough, then, vote on behalf the “dreamers” or their parents that need a path to legal status and can’t vote. On behalf of “returning citizens” with few options, for communities that are disenfranchised or to change the trajectory of the growing income inequalities. There is plenty of room on the caravan.

Whatever your politics are and/or your affinity to either party, vote your conscience. We need to hold both parties liable for taking us for granted and for not being responsive to our aspirations. We need to hold politicians accountable for promoting fear rather than building a stronger civil society. This coming election, don’t take democracy for granted; let’s change the trajectory of our political discourse and the direction of our country. Get on the caravan and VOTE next Tuesday!