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Families Helped by TRP Share Their Experiences

Alex Morales
Published: January 26, 2010
In 2009, many hardworking families came to The Resurrection Project in search of assistance modifying their home mortgage loans terms and preventing foreclosure. Hundreds of families were able to take advantage of the help TRP’s HUD-certified Financial Counselors provided, often to help save their home.
Among those families helped in 2009 was the Sandoval family, who was able to reduce their mortgage payments with a loan modification.  TRP’s financial counselors took them through the process, and, utilizing their extensive training and expertise, diligently worked with the lending institution to achieve a lower monthly payment. The video testimony below presents Mr. Lucas Sandoval discussing the process and expressing gratitude to TRP for a job well done.

“Our comprehensive approach helps homeowners to clearly understand their options and helps them decide exactly what to do in order to preserve their home,” said Alex Navas, a TRP financial counselor who worked directly with Mr. Sandoval’s family. “Families are willing to defend their investments, up to the point of paying for services that most of the time puts them in a situtation in which they are being taken advantage by those 3rd parties who claim they can carry them through the process, but are only there to make a buck.”
Another family that worked with TRP this year the Nino family. In the second video below, Mrs. Nino talks about her experience with TRP and takes the opportunity to thank the organization.

As we enter 2010, many hardworking families will begin to face difficulty paying their mortgage as their old terms expire and new high-interest terms start.  We encourage you to let everyone know about TRP’s Financial Services and the ways it can help families in need of foreclosure assistance.