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Families embrace technology at the New Communities Program’s SmartChicago Campaign rollout

Alex Morales
Published: January 18, 2011
The Pilsen Smart Communities Launch on November 16th brought together the technological expertise of the Instituto Del Progreso Latino and the community organizing approach of The Resurrection Project to Orozco Community Academy for families ready to learn how they can take full advantage of all the benefits that being computer savvy has to offer.
Over 300 parents and their kids participated in presentations and demonstrations on technology-based services available online, such as Skype.
TRP’s Broadband Technology Opportunity Program organizer, Elizabeth Rosas-Landa, impressed the guests by having a free live video conversation with Skype users in Mexico City and in the Mexican City of Michoacan. Elizabeth is an outspoken proponent of promoting and increasing access to technology for all families.   “Technology can bring the family together,” she said,  “and by providing information on online resources available and training to use these technologies, we can improve our children’s education and quality of life overall”.
During the event, local community leaders such as Orozco Community Academy’s Principal Mrs. Coralia Barraza expressed her gratitude for the efforts The Resurrection Project and allies are undertaking to bring these types of digital and educational opportunities to local families.  By the end of the event,  TRP’s Broadband Technology Opportunity Program had collected 250 registration forms for IDPL’s Family Net Center Program, proof that  our community is ready to take the leap to bridge the digital divide.
If you or anyone you know would like to take advantage of and/or promote our technology initiatives, please contact Elizabeth Rosas-Landa at 312.850.1935 ext 104.
The Broadband Technology Opportunity Program is supported in part by LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation), Broadband USA, City of Chicago, Pilsen Smart Communities, The Resurrection Project, Instituto del Progreso Latino and Pilsen Portal.