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Parent empowerment workshops help to engage neighborhood parents

by Claudia Martinez
A nine-class parent empowerment workshop series hosted by TRP at Orozco Academy engaged neighborhood parents and gave them the tools to become leaders in their community. The workshop series was part of the Elev8 program at Orozco. The series concluded on June 12th and the next series of workshops will be held throughout the school year.
Throughout the workshops, parents discuss and learn things like the importance of a healthy self-esteem, family values, and ways of educating their children.
“By attending all of the classes, I have learned to be more open with my daughter and have gotten closer with her,” says Ana Nuñez, a parent of two Orozco Academy graduates, who also learned about the value of spending more time with her children and being more patient.
The workshops also included a social justice component addressing the importance of being a leader and analyzing parent leadership styles. The workshop was a success; 30 parents enrolled in the workshop and they all attended the nine classes.
“The workshop topics kept parents interested because they were relevant to their everyday lives,” says Alma Silva, TRP’s workshop facilitator. “They didn’t know their children’s well-being depended on this.”
Participants gained valuable insights on a variety of topics and were able to grow as individuals.
“The classes taught me the importance of having good communication with my children,” says Griselda Zamora, Orozco Academy parent. She now encourages her children to express how they are feeling and talks to them about self-esteem.
As the workshop series came to an end, Griselda said, “I thank The Resurrection Project for these workshops because they were so interesting and I hope that they keep having them in the future! We have all learned so much from them.”
For more information about about the Elev8 program at Orozco, Contact Helene Achanzar, Education Program Manager, at [email protected].

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