CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, November 20, 2017 — The Resurrection Project’s (TRP) La Casa Student Housing and Resource Center is being featured in The National Building Museum’s exhibition: Making Room: Housing for a Changing America.  

La Casa opened in 2012 and provides a community of students from different universities an affordable alternative to traditional student housing. La Casa’s model empowers students to be successful by providing the “college dorm” experience, academic support, and wraparound services, such as professional development workshops. It earned recognition in the exhibit for its innovative, direct response to today’s shifting demographics and housing needs. 

The display opened November 18th and highlights accommodations for today’s changing lifestyle needs. It explores new models and design solutions for the expanding housing market and features alternative housing solutions from micro-units, tiny houses, and accessory apartments to cohousing, co-living, and beyond.

“Not only do we not have enough housing, but we don’t have the right housing,” said Chrysanthe Broikos, curator of Making Room: Housing for a Changing America.

Click here for more information about the Making Room: Housing for a Changing America exhibit!

*Photo is Courtesy of Urbanworks; Photography by Anthony May

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