CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, August 28, 2017 — After months of hearing from the community, businesses, faith and law enforcement, Governor Bruce Rauner today signed the SB 31 or Trust Act. This landmark achievement was passed with bi-partisan support in both chambers in Springfield. The Trust ACT had strong support from immigrant and nonimmigrant organizations, Law Enforcement officials, Business Leaders and the Faith community. This law will essentially now protect all residents of Illinois, regardless of their immigration status. The bill’s passage fundamentally reinforces law enforcement officials to focus on solving crime and keeping communities safe instead of imposing on police officials to act as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
We thank governor and all the bi-partisan legislators who voted for the Trust Act.” Said Raul Raymundo, CEO of The Resurrection Project. “As a result of your action all Illinois residents will be safer. Contrary to the misinformation about this law, all residents, regardless of their immigration status can fully and safely cooperate with law enforcement officials to keep our neighbors safe, strengthen our state’s social fabric and prevent disruption in local immigrant businesses to grow our economy.”
WHAT IS IN TRUST ACT SB 31-HA#3 See the actual language HERE
1)  State and local police would not arrest or hold a person based solely on immigration status. 
2)  State and local police honor ICE detainers sanctioned by a judge. 

3)  State and local police are allowed to communicate with federal agents, and fully compliant with federal statutory requirements.

WHAT IS NOT IN TRUST ACT SB 31-HA #3 See the actual language HERE
1) SB 31 does NOT create “safe” zones such as hospitals and schools 
2) SB 31 does NOT create “sanctuary” state or municipalities

3) SB 31 does NOT prohibit law enforcement communications with federal agents 

1) The core duty of local police is community safety, not federal immigration enforcement. Immigrants are more likely to report crimes and come forward as witnesses to crimes when they are not afraid. Trust Act SB 31 promotes trust between immigrants and local police which strengthens community safety for all Illinois residents. 

2) Reduce unnecessary disruption to the workforce – our economy depends on immigrants as workers, business owners and entrepreneurs. Efforts to repair our broken immigration system have been stalled in Congress for well over a decade, with no resolution in sight. That’s the reality that makes the Trust Act a smart move for Illinois.

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