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Our mission is to build relationships and challenge people to act on their faith and values to create healthy communities through organizing, education and community development.

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The six ways The Resurrection Project creates healthy communities.

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Real Estate Development

TRP’s Real Estate Development department manages our real estate development functions. This includes the acquisition of vacant lots and properties for rehabilitation, the planning of new constructions such as La Casa, and the procurement of the grant and investment dollars necessary for such projects. Read more...

Property and Asset Management

Since TRP develops, owns, and manages all of our properties to provide safe, affordable places families can call home. We know that a supportive and stable home environment can positively impact a family’s quality of life, leading the path to economic success, a good career, and better academic achievement. Read more...

Financial Wellness

TRP was never just about bricks and mortars: it was about creating healthy communities. And healthy communities need to be financially healthy and stable. That’s why our Financial Services department works to promote the financial wellness of our communities by offering workshops and one-on-one financial counseling services. Read more...

Community Engagement and Programs

The best asset to push economically challenged communities forward are its people. TRP's Community Engagement and Programs department empowers people to forge paths towards better living, promoting healthier neighborhoods, and improving the quality of life. Our community organizing and education efforts engage neighbors, businesses, and stakeholders in a wide range of community-development initiatives. Read more...

Economic Development

The Economic Development department is working to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to bolster neighborhood economies through free programs, training workshops, and consultations. Read more...

La Casa Student Housing

La Casa is an innovative model in student housing that surrounds students with all the benefits and resources of on‐campus living— plus the added advantage of an onsite Resource Center. La Casa is a community of students from different universities who live and learn together in order to increase their chance of college success. La Casa is comprised of two buildings: a student residence hall and a resource center. Read more...

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