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An introduction to La Casa: What is La Casa?

TRP’s education organizing team has heard many reasons for the lack of higher education pursuit, and degree attainment, in the neighborhood. Some of these include: overcrowded homes, preventing students from finding a quiet place to study, and cultural conventions wherein many young people live at home longer. TRP also learned that parents and college-bound students would feel less apprehensive about living outside of the home to pursue an education if the student stayed close to their community. Our answer to these barriers preventing community students from attaining their full academic potential is La Casa. Video developed in 2011.

Mujer Avanzando

Mujer Avanzando is a partnership between Instituto del Progreso Latino, The Resurrection Project and Mujeres Latinas en Acción, all of whom will leverage their relative expertise in the core areas to revolutionize a community partnership model that produces demonstrable results where working women increase their earnings, multiply their household assets and eventually become homeowners.

Meet two people who purchased their home through The Resurrection Project!

We make home ownership a reality for hard working families. Here are two people who bought a home through us!

Foreclosure prevention counseling testimonials

The Sandoval Family shares their experience working with The Resurrection Project to reduce their mortgage payments.

We are helping families preserve their homes, saving their house from foreclosure and ultimately reducing their mortgages to affordable fixed terms they can accommodate.