Documenting the history of TRP

Invest. Empower. Transform. The Resurrection Project Celebrates 20 Years of Holistic Development

This video debuted at The Resurrection Project’s 20th Gala Anniversary October 21st, 2010. Produced by Angle Park.

The Story of The Resurrection Project

This video produced by Bank of America tells the story of how The Resurrection Project took $30,000 in seed capital from six churches and became a community development organization that has invested more than $250 million to revitalize neighborhoods in Chicago’s Southwest Side. Developed in 2012.

TRP’s Five-Year Anniversary Video

This video, created for our 5-year anniversary in 1995, offers a fascinating glimpse into the state of our neighborhoods at the start of our long journey. Together with our partners, supporters, and neighbors, we have accomplished much. And while we still have much work to do, let us also take a moment to realize how far the neighborhood of Pilsen has come since 1990. Let us all continue to build relationships and create healthy communities!