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The Resurrection Project works with schools, students, and parents to ensure that all of our community members have access to high-quality education. To that end, we engage in the following initiatives:

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program

TRP organizers work with local parents, training them to become advocates for the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program. This scholarship fund enables parents to enroll children in the school of their choice and increases access to area Catholic schools for Latino families.


TRP’s Parent Mentor Program

TRP’s Parent Mentor Program aims to strengthen relationships between students, teachers, and parents. Over the course of an academic year, parents participate in leadership development training, assist teachers in classrooms, learn about the public education system, and organize regular community events. Through program participation, parents become engaged actors in school communities and active participants in their children’s education.


Illinois State University

TRP partners with Illinois State University (ISU) to recruit and develop effective educators for urban schools and their communities. Through diverse initiatives, TRP provides future educators with classroom experience and professional development while connecting local high to ISU’s College of Education so that young adults can learn more about teaching as a profession.



RISE, or Research, Integration, Support, and Enrichment, is a community engagement philosophy that TRP embodies in its work with Jose Clemente Orozco Academy. In this partnership, TRP offers students a wide array of afterschool programming, such as peace and leadership club, coding club, gardening, sports clubs, theater, and more. Activities are designed with an eye toward civic engagement and connecting students to their city. TRP also offers programming for Orozco Academy parents, including leadership development training, financial wellness workshops, and more.


Paid Internship Program

In addition, TRP offers a Paid Internship Program for full-time college students during the academic year. This program allows students to gain valuable professional experience, while contributing to projects that positively impact local communities. Throughout the internship year, participants receive leadership development training, on-the-job mentoring, and access to networking opportunities.

For information about this opportunity, please call 312-374-8094.

Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program FAQs

What are Invest in Kids scholarships?

A scholarship fund approved by Illinois legislators in August, 2017. Donors that contribute to this fund receive credit to reduce taxes. Scholarships benefit students from low income families in the state.

Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?

Students from families with limited financial resources are eligible to receive a scholarship. For example: a family of four members with an income of up to $45,509 could receive the total payment of an elementary school and up to $12,000 of a secondary school.

Which students are eligible for state scholarships?

Eligible students are those between kindergarten and 12th grade who are currently enrolled in or wish to enroll in a Catholic or private school in 2020-2021.

How is the family's eligibility decided?

It is determined by family annual income and the number of members of the family. It is distributed on a first come, first served basis.