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The Resurrection Project is committed to elevating the voices of all community members. We are engaged in a number of initiatives that promote full and active civic participation.

Since its inception, TRP has registered thousands of new voters through regular voter registration drivers. During each election cycle, we organize Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaigns that drive voter turn-out and ensure that our communities are represented at the polls.

TRP’s community organizers participate in state- and nationwide initiatives, including taking part in peaceful protests, calling on key legislators to enact new policies, and encouraging community members to contact their representatives. Previous campaigns have included the Temporary Visitor Driver’s License awareness campaign, an Illinois law which allows non-visa status individuals to obtain a temporary driver’s license. Our leaders were instrumental in passing this legislation.

TRP is also working within a coalition of community organizations to conduct outreach and education around Census 2020. Because inaccurate census counts deprive communities of vital resources, staff and leaders are working to ensure that all members of our community are counted and represented in our democracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the census?

Every 10 years the U.S. Census counts everyone in the U.S.

Who counts?

ALL people regardless of citizenship status and age! This includes children born in April 2020, children ages 0-5, and the elderly! By federal law the answers you provide are anonymous!

Why is it important?

The 2020 Census will affect congressional representation, community funding, and more. It directly affects resources (like SNAP, Medicaid, and public schools) for our communities and our families. Communities that are not counted in 2020 will miss out on resources for the next 10 years.

What is next?

You can respond to the Census in 3 ways: online, by mail and by phone. Postcards will be sent to homes starting in March 2020.