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At the Resurrection Project, we believe that housing is a human right and a public good to be protected. In addition to producing high-quality affordable housing in our communities, TRP works with other agencies to advocate for just housing policies.

As members of the Illinois Housing Council, we work with partners to scale our own advocacy efforts and connect with housing industry experts.

As co-chair for LISC Chicago’s One Chicago for All, we have worked with other community organizations to develop policy recommendations for the City of Chicago, thereby ensuring that capital and meaningful investment flow from downtown and into city neighborhoods.

As advisors to the City of Chicago’s Qualified Allocation Plan and the Metropolitan Planning Council’s Graduated Real Estate Transfer Tax, we have had a direct influence on how federal affordable housing funds are distributed throughout Chicago and how corporate funds can be used to produce more affordable housing.

As a participant in the City of Chicago’s Pilsen and Little Village Affordable Requirement Ordinance (ARO) Pilot, we are working with local government to preserve the character and affordability of our communities.