Health programs


TRP empowers every member of the household to learn about and receive health services, because healthy communities cannot exist without healthy families.

Get Treatment

TRP partners with the Alivio Medical Clinic at Orozco Academy to run a health care center open to both students and community members. Alivio is an acute care clinic that provides both physical and mental health services. Patients can receive immunizations, individual counseling, physicals and care for ailments such as the common cold, coughs, headaches and stomach aches. In addition, the clinic is unique in including several observational playrooms, so that parents can observe their children’s social behaviors in a safe and controlled environment.

This clinic is located on the first floor of Orozco Academy at 1940 West 18th Street. The clinic’s hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. New patients must make an appointment, and can call 773-254-1400 or schedule an appointment in person. The clinic asks prospective patients to bring proof of evidence and income, along with photo identification.

Find Support

TRP holds workshops throughout the year to promote the physical well-being of our communities. At these workshops, community members inform themselves on topics ranging from how to access affordable health care to how to prevent breast cancer. The workshops also provide free medical services, such as breast and cervical cancer screenings. In addition, community members without health insurance can get free referrals in order to see health care specialists for specific illnesses.

TRP also runs a support group for women who have survived or are being treated for breast cancer, which is named ELLAS. ELLAS strives to help these women normalize their lives and receive support throughout this very difficult experience. ELLAS was established by women in our neighborhoods who saw the need for a support group that understood the culture and needs of the Latino community. ELLAS meets once a month to discuss breast cancer prevention in order to help educate other women in the community. The meeting also offers information on available classes, such as leadership formation training that can help participants in their daily and professional lives.

If you would like to join ELLAS, please contact Araceli Lucio at 312-880-1888 or for more information.

Inform Your Community

Every member of ELLAS receives leadership training, empowering women to teach their peers life-saving skills. These leaders participate in yearly breast cancer awareness campaigns, speaking in schools and every church in Pilsen, Little Village and Back of the Yards. In addition, our leaders run many of our health education workshops. Through these initiatives, ELLAS members educate over a thousand women each year.

Get Student Care

Being healthy should never prevent a student from being educated. At Orozco Academy, students can always access the Alivio student based health center, and use it for a variety of services. They can receive all of their immunizations. They can participate in both individual and group mental health services: every year, the clinic runs stress management and self-esteem groups for Orozco’s students. These groups focus on subjects such as conflict resolution and managing emotions.

TRP also provides health services separate from the ones offered at Alivio. TRP partners with The Dental Van, which is a full service dental clinic that offers cleanings, extractions, and other procedures. TRP also coordinates a similar mobile service for students with asthma. In addition, TRP coordinated free vision screenings. During the 2013-2014 school year, these screenings resulted in seventy four students receiving prescriptions and free glasses.