Education programs


A student will have a better chance to succeed when they are healthy, safe and supported by their community. As a result, TRP supports student achievement in the classroom by increasing opportunities to school and community members.

Learn Outside Of The Classroom

Kids_BullsAt Orozco Academy, TRP implements Elev8, a national program that specifically focuses on wrap around services for middle school students. Students can participate in after school and weekend programming. Parents can find referrals to community resources and take classes. And all community members can use the Alivio Medical Clinic at Orozco Academy.

Through TRP’s partnerships at Orozco Academy, students can participate in a wide number of programs. In past years, students have taken advantage of all the programs that a neighborhood and city as diverse as Pilsen and Chicago can offer. They created and shared choreography with educators from the Joffery Ballet.

They took a photojournalism class, where they developed photo essays on the neighborhood. They joined cultural arts programs, such as ballet folklorico or the mariachi band. They planted fresh vegetables in the garden and learned about irrigation systems with the environmental advocacy group Seven Generations Ahead. They played soccer, volleyball or basketball and expressed themselves in art classes.

They rode bikes with West Town Bikes. They learned about sharing their voice with the Mikva Challenge Peace and Leadership Council. Weekend programming focuses on civic engagement, connecting students not just to their community in Pilsen but also to their city as a whole. For example, students recently participated in a tree planting even sponsored by the Field Museum and the Chicago Park District. Based on the success of the Elev8 model at Orozco, TRP looks to replicate this model at other schools. At Finkl Elementary, TRP offers after school programming, which has included a running club, ballet folklorico and mariachi.

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Get Student Care

Being healthy should never prevent a student from being educated. At Orozco Academy, students can always access the Alivio student based health center, and use it for a variety of services. They can receive all of their immunizations. They can participate in both individual and group mental health services: every year, the clinic runs stress management and self-esteem groups for Orozco’s students. These groups focus on subjects such as conflict resolution and managing emotions.

TRP also provides health services separate from the ones offered at the center. TRP partners with The Dental Van, which is a full service dental clinic that offers cleanings, extractions, and other procedures. TRP also coordinates a similar mobile service for students with asthma. In addition, TRP coordinated free vision screenings. During the 2013-2014 school year, these screenings resulted in seventy four students receiving prescriptions and free glasses.

Find Parent Resources

At Orozco Academy, parents can find a broad range of resources. They can find support: TRP researches difficult to find services, such health or insurance providers. Then, TRP provides a referral. In addition, Orozco parents can take classes, such as classes focusing on leadership development and financial wellness led by TRP staff. In addition, parents can participate in fitness classes, which have ranged from yoga to soccer. They can also create migajon and other crafts by participating in a cultural art program.

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Become a Parent Mentor

paren_dpParents can apply to become parent mentors at Daley Elementary School, William H Seward Communication Arts Academy, Robert Fulton Elementary School, Cesar E Chavez Multicultural Academic Center, Orozco Academy, and Jungman Elementary. After completing the program’s weeklong training, parents assist teachers in classrooms for two hours every day. Parents provide assistance in whatever area the teacher may need extra help: they might grade papers, or spend time focusing on a certain student. By lowering the student to teacher ratio in the classroom, every student can get individualized attention. Parents are assigned to a different classroom than where their student learns.

The parent mentor program runs for either half a school year or a full school year. Parents attend a training session once a week for the entire program. Training sessions include classes on organizing, financial wellness, preparing students for college and high school, and health. The knowledge that the parent mentors gain from these workshops further empowers them to engage with both their school and neighborhood communities. Parent mentors plan a variety of events at their schools per semester to increase parent participation in the school, and they collaborate across schools on issues that affect their neighborhood, such as safety.

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Transition Successfully

For many students entering a new school can be difficult: they have to adjust to new teachers, new rules and a new schedule. In order to make the transition between schools easier, TRP has several initiatives in our partnering schools. At Orozco Academy, students complete a transition program over the summer that allows them to learn academic, social and civic engagement lessons through presentations and educational field trips. In addition, teachers from Benito Juarez High School and Orozco Academy exchange lesson plans so that ninth grade students will build on their middle school knowledge, instead of repeating previous material.

TRP also focuses on Early Childhood Education in order to guarantee that students are ready for kindergarten. TRP partners with the four early childhood centers in Pilsen (El Valor, El Hogar del Nino, Gads Hill, Chicago Commons) and Pilsen’s elementary schools to insure that these centers collaborate as much as possible. TRP views pre-kindergarten education as crucial for a child’s intellectual and social development.

The vision for these educational opportunities were part of The Pilsen Education Task Force’s “Pilsen Education Plan.” Click here to read the Pilsen Education Plan 2010