Community Education Programs


The Education and Community Programs Department takes a comprehensive approach to community development. Through implementing education, health, immigration, publicity, and collaboration initiatives, we create healthy communities.


At Orozco Academy, TRP implements Elev8, a national program that specifically focuses on wrap around services for middle school students. TRP provides all components of the Elev8 model: out of school time, health, and parent engagement and support.

Through TRP’s partnerships at Orozco Academy, students can participate in a wide number of programs. In past years, students have taken advantage of all the programs that a neighborhood and city as diverse as Pilsen and Chicago can offer. They created and shared ballet choreograL.A.BARBOZA-3839phy, they developed photo essays on the neighborhood, they gardened, they learned about sharing their voice. They joined cultural arts programs, such as ballet folklorico or the mariachi band. They played soccer, volleyball or basketball, rode bikes and expressed themselves in art classes. Weekend programming focuses on civic engagement, connecting students not just to their community in Pilsen but also to their city as a whole.

TRP partners with the Alivio Medical Clinic at Orozco Academy to run a health care center open to both students and community members. Alivio is an acute care clinic that provides both physical and mental health services. Patients can receive immunizations, individual counseling, physicals and care for ailments such as the common cold, coughs, headaches and stomach aches. In addition, the clinic is unique in including several observational playrooms, so that parents can observe their children’s social behaviors in a safe and controlled environment. At Orozco Academy, students can always access the Alivio student based health center, and use it for a variety of services, including immunizations and mental health services. TRP also provides health services separate from the ones offered at the center, including a full service dental clinic and free vision screenings.

At Orozco Academy, parents can find a broad range of resources. They can find support: TRP researches difficult to find services, such health or insurance providers. Then, TRP provides a referral. In addition, Orozco parents can take classes, such as classes focusing on leadership development and financial wellness led by TRP staff. In addition, parents can participate in fitness classes, which have ranged from yoga to soccer. They can also create migajon and other crafts by participating in a cultural art program.

For more information on TRP’s Elev8 programming, please contact us (312) 880-1889

Testing The Model

TRP’s Testing The Model program focuses on educational transitions in order to academically and socially prepare students for their new schools. At Orozco Academy, students complete a transition program over the summer that allows them to learn academic, social and civic engagement lessons through presentations and educational field trips. In addition, teachers from Benito Juarez High School and Orozco Academy exchange lesson plans so that ninth grade students will build on their middle school knowledge, instead of repeating previous material.

TRP also focuses on Early Childhood Education in order to guarantee that students are ready for kindergarten. TRP partners with the four early childhood centers in Pilsen (El Valor, El Hogar del Nino, Gads Hill, Chicago Commons) and Pilsen’s elementary schools to insure that these centers collaborate as much as possible. TRP views pre-kindergarten education as crucial for a child’s intellectual and social development.

For more information on TRP’s Testing The Model programming, please contact us at (312) 880-1889

TRP’s Technology Leadership Institute

TRP offers the Technology Leadership Institute for Adults. Since 2009, TRP has been offering computer literacy programs to residents and small business owners as part of the Smart Communities program. Classes are intended to build individuals’ knowledge of basic computer skills and programs such as Microsoft Office.

computer2TRP’s Technology Institute for Adults brings Information Technology education to a “technology desert” by empowering adults to utilize computer literacy skills to promote safety within their community. In a neighborhood with high unemployment rates, computer literacy classes open the door for career paths in the field of Information Technology.

TRP’s newest partnership is also supplementing the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes offered at La Casa through the City Colleges of Chicago. On Fridays, TRP offers computer literacy classes to those ESL students.

This year, TRP will offer computer literacy classes in Pilsen and in our satellite office in the Back of the Yards.

For information about how to enroll, please call us at  (312) 880-1889 or email us at

Pilsen Planning Committee

The Pilsen Planning Committee is an organization composed of community stake holders dedicated to creating a collective vision for the neighborhood’s future. The committee meets at least bi-monthly to discuss goals and collaborations.

The vision for these educational opportunities were part of the Quality of Life Plan of 2006 by the Pilsen Planning Committee. Click on the links below to learn more.
Pilsen_Quality of Life Plan_2006  &  Pilsen Planning Committee