Elev8: Elevating Parents to New Heights


Elev8 is a strong component in the Pilsen’s Quality of Life Plan (which is overseen by the Pilsen Planning Committee and its member organizations). Elev8’s purpose is to bring a wide array of services to the community, integrating them into Orozco Community Academy’s curriculum for the benefit of students, families and the community at large.

Elev8“Parents had taken advantage of the Elev8 programming and are showing up in great numbers to learn basic computer skills, they learn how to use word processing products, how to use email and the internet,” shared Maria Martinez, Elev8’s Computer Instructor. The computer courses consist of 20 hours of training and classes are offered every Saturday. “Parents had expressed how they do not feel intimated now when they have to use a computer at work or at the library, and how the classes had also help them help their kids with their homework assignments” said Mrs. Martinez about the outcome of her classes.

Mrs. Martinez also teaches Arts and Crafts to groups of 35 and mostly female homemakers. “The ladies here learn how to make their own clay, color it, mold it and with it sculpt beautiful dolls and flowers. They also work with fabrics; they made tiaras for last Christmas season and some scrapbooking too. They not only learn a craft but also a way to supplement their household income by selling their homemade goods”.


Anyone interested in participating can call (312) 880-1889 or email lacasa@resurrectionproject.org.

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