Strengthen Families Through Domestic Violence Counseling (HOPE)

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Founded in 1996, HOPE Family Services (HOPE) provides a range of services aimed at addressing and preventing domestic violence in the Latino community, including:

• Individual counseling and support groups for women in abusive relationships, partners who cause harm, and children witnesses to violence in their homes

• Healthy marriage and relationship workshops and counseling for couples and families

• Parenting workshops, 5-week parenting courses, and a “Parents Helping Parents” support group

• Case management and referral services

You may visit our offices at 1914 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60608, Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm or call us (312) 421-7647 for more information.

Are you in need of immediate support or assistance? Click the button to chat with a live advocate from the Domestic Violence Hotline.

Domestic Violence program support is provided by:

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