Safety programs


A community with a culture of peace creates safe spaces. TRP challenges our community members and stakeholders to make this culture a constant reality.

Play for Peace

TRP holds the Resurrection Basketball League, an annual street basketball tournament that takes place throughout the Pilsen community every Friday throughout the summer months. Organizers of the Resurrection Basketball League identify streets with either a historically high amount of violent activity or areas where youth congregate, and then reclaim the street by hosting the tournament on that evening. In additional to basketball, the entire street becomes filled with activities such as soccer, volleyball, Zumba, a bouncy castle, face painting and free barbecued food. At past events, participants have also been able to create murals and t-shirts promoting peace in Pilsen. During the event, participants listen to music and pro-peace messages from different community leaders. Directly after the last game ends for the night, TRP invites the participants to march around the block as a way to invite the neighborhood’s residents to be a part of peacemaking. Then, there is a Friday night mass followed by a group discussion of a passage centering on peace from the gospel from local parishioners.

The Resurrection Basketball League seeks volunteers to assist in setting up, cleaning up, table, distributing food, registering, and refereeing the tournament. Volunteer shifts run from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Student volunteers might also have the opportunity to earn service hours.

To get involved, please contact Berto Aguayo at

Become a Peacemaker

The Resurrection Project leads peacemaking and nonviolence trainings for youth during both the summer and the school year. Students will learn and understand how and why conflict occurs. With this knowledge, students then learn how to de-escalate problems and to find common resolutions. They focus both on their personal mindsets and strategies to create peace with others. Ultimately, the program seeks to teach that peace arises from having an open mind and encouraging dialogue. Finally, after learning the theoretical components of peace, students practice community organizing, seeking to directly connect to the community they serve.

If you are interested in joining or coordinating one of these trainings, please contact Berto Aguayo at