Mujer Avanzando


Mujer Avanzando: Pathways to Independence

Mujer Avanzando is a program responding to the needs of Latina single mothers in Chicago through comprehensive services in career pathways, wealth creation, leadership development, and childcare services. The program is a partnership between Instituto del Progreso Latino, The Resurrection Project and Mujeres Latinas en Acción, all of whom will leverage their relative expertise in the core areas to revolutionize a community partnership model that produces demonstrable results where working women increase their earnings, multiply their household assets and eventually become homeowners.

Mujer Avanzando is structured around 4 core program components:

  1. The Career Pathways core involves one-on-one career path coaching and individualized career training to help women achieve their career goals.
  2. The Wealth Creation and Asset Development core involves one-on-one work with a financial coach to create a family budget, enroll in financial literacy workshops, and pursue opportunities to build her families’ assets through investing.
  3. The Leadership Development core involves a culturally contextualized curriculum developed by Mujeres Latinas en Acción with a focus on self-discovery and knowledge/skill building.
  4. The Child Care Services core involves on-site and/or geographically appropriate child care for women enrolled in the program.


For more information on Mujer Avanzando, email us at or call Lupe Raymundo at 773-890-0055.