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We understand that immigration policy affects the lives of many of our constituents in the most subtle ways. Access to education, healthcare, and other resources often hinge on one’s documentation status. Our organizers work to protect our communities by increasing educational opportunities and increasing access to legal representation, including the Access to Justice, Chicago Legal Protection Fund.

In May 2019, TRP and its partners were successful in advocacy efforts to include the Access to Justice Grants Program line item in the Illinois State Budget. This new $10 million line item includes $5 million for immigration legal services and deportation defense throughout the state.

In response to Trump’s election, the City of Chicago launched the Chicago Legal Protection Fund to protect immigrants from this administration’s harmful policies. TRP leads the Community Navigator Program, providing funds to organizations that train community leaders to coordinate Know Your Rights workshops. From 2016 to 2018, ten organizations trained over 400 Community Navigators and reached more than 50,000 immigrants through these workshops.

TRP also works closely with Protected by Faith to respond to the rising tide of hateful policies that target communities of color and other marginalized groups.With the goal of making Illinois a safe and welcoming place for all.

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The Resurrection Project is also a member of broader coalitions that push for fair and comprehensive immigration reform. Some of the organizations that we partner with include:

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