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TRP’s statement on POTUS action to rescind DACA in six months

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 5, 2017 — We are extremely upset and heartbroken by POTUS action to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months.  DACA should not only be protected, it should be made permanent by Congress. Several bi-Partisan bills (DREAM, HOPE or RAC Acts) have already been introduced to protect “Dreamers” (the recipients of DACA).  These nearly 800,000 Dreamers are not just contributing significantly to the social fabric of these United States but also to its economy. Research indicates that the overwhelming majority of Dreamers are gainfully employed as a result of finishing high school and college. Many others have sacrificed their lives in defense of the only country they know by joining the armed forces.  Dreamers are opening businesses, creating jobs, buying homes, buying cars and PAYING TAXES.
  • Removing the 685,000 DACA recipients from our workforce in a single day will cost $200 billion in lost GDP and $60 billion in lost tax revenue over a decade, and disrupts multibillion dollar industries like healthcare, technology, and finance, according to the CATO Institute.
  • DACA recipients contribute an estimated $2 billion a year in state and local taxes, and are projected to contribute an additional $505 million if they are provided with an opportunity to earn citizenship through the DREAM Act, according to the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy.
This program has been tremendously successful by any measure and perhaps this is why most Americans or 78% support (Survey April 2017) giving Dreamers the opportunity to stay in this country permanently.
At the Resurrection Project (TRP), we are privileged to work with DACA recipients and their families who are our neighbors, friends and community leaders. They have demonstrated courage by coming forward and providing their information to the government. Dreamers are an asset to this country and we remain firm in our support for them.
In response to the elimination of DACA, TRP is organizing “DACA Tuesdays” where DACA recipients and their families can receive accurate information, legal consultations and assistance connecting with mental health providers. During these uncertain times, our resolve for the protection of immigrants will continue until there is a permanent congressional solution for all immigrants.  We call upon congress do what’s morally right, politically smart and economically sound for this country by enacting a permanent legislative solution for all immigrants.
Here is a complete list of upcoming DACA Tuesday information sessions:
Sept 5th: La Casa 1815 s. Paulina at 5:30pm
Sept 12th Benito Juarez Academy 1450 W Cermak at 5:30pm
Sept 19th: La Casa 1815 S. Paulina St at 5:30pm
Sept 26th: Back of the Yards College Prep 2111 w. 47th street at 5:30pm