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TRP Launches First-Ever Associates Board

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, November 20, 2017 — The Resurrection Project (TRP) launched its first-ever Associates Board this year. The Associates Board is comprised of 14 young professionals from the Chicago area. Board Members have backgrounds ranging from marketing to education to finance. Five of the members are La Casa alumni. The Associates Board will further the overall mission of TRP, focusing specifically on ensuring the success of TRP’s College Persistence Initiative and La Casa Student Housing.

La Casa is an innovative model in student housing that empowers students to be successful by surrounding them with all the benefits and resources of on-campus living.

«I joined this Associates Board because of my commitment to give back to my neighborhood. Education is so important, especially in low-income communities where not everyone has the resources needed to succeed in college,” said Magaly Arteaga, Associates Board Chair. “La Casa offers the holistic experience of affordable on-campus living and support services. As someone who was born and raised in Pilsen, I am happy to see programs like La Casa providing youth in the community resources they need to succeed.»

This holiday season the Associates Board will spread awareness of TRP’s Holiday Campaign through their networks and social channels. The Holiday Campaign features short vignettes of individuals sharing their stories of strength and the support they received through TRP. These inspiring videos are available at the resurrectionproject.org/donate.

Back row (L-R): Kenneth Varner, Julia Hensel, Joel Aguilera, Desmend Jetton, Grant Hensel, Josh Marburger
Front row (L-R): Jenny DeLessio-Parson, Dulce Hernandez, Claudia Martinez, Monica Swope
Not pictured: Magaly Arteaga, Carlos Roa, Nathaniel Van Wienen, Ruben Castro