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TRP launches College Boot Camp, a new seven-week summer program for rising high school juniors and seniors

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 27, 2017 — The Resurrection Project (TRP) launched College Boot Camp, a new seven-week summer program designed to empower rising juniors and seniors making the transition from high school to college. The program not only guided students through the college planning process but instilled the importance of graduating from college and becoming future agents of change for their communities.

Workshops in topics such as choosing a school, receiving scholarships and financial aid, writing essays, choosing a major, and finding a career effectively positioned the 73 program participants to succeed in college and beyond. Students also had the opportunity to visit many schools both in Chicago and around the state on weekly College Bus tours.

Unlike most college readiness programs, College Boot Camp also focused on the importance of civic engagement and how to be a leader. Every student in the boot camp received leadership trainings that included identifying the definition of power, defining leaders and followers, building relationships, analyzing power, and engaging positively with the community.

Participants then put the ideas brought up in training to action by working in local communities to register voters, report streetlights or wires in need of maintenance to the city’s hotline and engage the community.

“This program is designed to empower the participating youth to act on their faith and values both by making them realize the power they have to effect change and by showing them the best methods, such as voting and organizing, by which to do so,” said Director of La Casa, Maria Bucio.

This creation of engaged, organized, and educated youth will help lead to societal structures that better represent the needs of young people, Hispanics, and Chicago as a whole.

This initiative is part of our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan which is directly supported from the many donors and supporters that contribute to our Imagine More Campaign. We would especially like to thank Opus Foundation for their unique support which made this College Boot Camp possible.