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Opening doors to new beginnings at Casa Puebla

by Diana Pando
Veronica Brand was struggling with some life issues when she decided to move into her own apartment. She began looking in various neighborhoods for a place to live that would give her an opportunity for a new beginning. However, looking for an apartment was more difficult than she thought.
“One of the challenges I was having when I was trying to find an apartment was the horrible conditions these places were in,” said Veronica.
After months of searching for an apartment she felt comfortable living in, she still couldn’t find one. She then turned to her mom who recommended reaching out to TRP. After working with TRP staff and completing the application process, Veronica was able to move into an apartment at Casa Puebla.
“At Casa Puebla it’s like heaven,” she says, “because the apartments are nicely kept and if there are repairs needed I can call maintenance and they will come in and fix it.”
She has lived at Casa Puebla for the last two years and some of the benefits she enjoys include the onsite parking, spacious hallways, and the laundry room. One of the things that surprised Veronica is the multitude of free services offered to tenants.
For example, she participated in TRP’s Financial Wellness program, which allowed her to strengthen her credit score. She then decided to take advantage of TRP’s free home purchase program.
Living at Casa Puebla has also impacted her college-bound daughter because one day she came home with financial aid paperwork. “The paperwork was confusing to both of us,” says Veronica. “I had no idea if I was filling it out right.”
She decided to get help from La Casa Student Resource Center.  There, she and her daughter spoke with Maria Bucio, Director of La Casa, who guided them on how to fill out the financial aid paperwork.
Today, Veronica is taking the necessary steps to purchase her own home within a year.
“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to live at Casa Puebla,” she says, “because The Resurrection Project is helping me continue to rise.”

 (To learn more about TRP’s affordable apartments contact Karla Cruz, Occupancy Specialist, in our Property Management Department to at
312-880-1893 or via email at [email protected])

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