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Meet Christian Gutierrez, TRP’s Resident Engagement Coordinator

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 27, 2017 — The Resurrection Project (TRP) hired Christian Gutierrez this past spring to fill its Resident Engagement Coordinator position for Casa Guerrero, Casa Morelos, and Casa Maravilla. This position will continue TRP’s vision of creating healthy communities by building relationships with residents, acting as their day-to-day contact, and ensuring they have access to all TRP has to offer.

As a permanent fixture on the campus of Guerrero, Morelos and Maravilla, Christian will take a direct approach to engaging with residents. “Property Management is more than contractual obligations and day-to-day compliance,he said.My role is hands-on and holistic, it’s about connecting with the individuals and families in the buildings and creating a community.”

Christian will take the lead on a variety of initiatives in his new role. Whether it’s addressing resident concerns or organizing events and educational sessions, his position as a direct point of contact for residents will be essential. He will ensure that residents feel invested in their community and have their voices heard. Monthly resident meetings have already been implemented as one way to keep our communities informed and involved.

But communication is not the only key to building this community—Christian will also engage residents as stewards of their community. Surveys were sent to residents asking what they want to see in their living experience. “We want residents to feel like they are part of the process, they have started spearheading some of the projects and initiatives they want to see come to fruition in their community,” Christian remarked.

These programs include walking clubs, bingo night, and a green initiative that would improve the space residents live in through planting, gardening and creating walking paths, a project all residents will benefit from.

With this structure in place, TRP wants the community to know their value is more than just a place to live — they are a community where residents want to stay and keep building.

This initiative is part of our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan which is directly supported from the many donors and supporters that contribute to our Imagine More Campaign. This program is designed to foster resident immersion in multi-generational activities, with a focus on making the Pilsen community “age-friendly” by anchoring on the Village Interdependent Collaborative [VIC] model. We would especially like to thank and recognize Enterprise Community Partners for their unique support of this program.