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Chase Community Giving awards $68,000 for La Casa!

by Alex Morales
Published: July 15, 2011
On June 22, 2011 The Resurrection Project was selected by the Advisory Board of the Chase Community Giving campaign to receive an extra $43,000 award for building La Casa – the nation’s first community-based student housing development – bringing the total award of $68,000! TRP thanks Chase Bank for their generous support!  

TRP also wants to thank you for your support during this online campaign, and remind you to continue supporting our fundraising efforts for La Casa. Please consider making a contribution to La Casa today!
What is La Casa?
“The bathroom, at 2:00 am” – this is when and where many of our college students study. At The Resurrection Project, we believe that they deserve more, and we are proud to announce our Big Idea: La Casa!   Located in Pilsen, the heart of Chicago’s Latino community, La Casa will be the nation’s first community-based student housing development.  The facility will support 105 Latino university students through a  living/learning environment conducive to academic achievement.   It will include housing, internships, and mentorships as well as a state of the art computer lab, student resource center, and college recruiting hub for high school students and families.  La Casa will help reduce Chicago’s high school dropout rate for Latinos (currently 35%) and increase those who have earned their Bachelor’s degree from a mere 8.9%.  With a scheduled debut in Fall 2012, La Casa will help realize the dreams of many students, impacting families for generations to come.  La Casa es tu Casa!