Property Management


Since 1990, TRP has developed, owned, and managed all of our properties to provide safe, affordable places families can call home. We know that a stable home provides families with enhanced opportunities for success. A supportive and stable home environment can positively impact a family’s quality of life, leading the path to economic success, a good career, and better academic achievement.

IMG_2847Our Property and Asset Management department works specifically to lease, maintain, and ensure compliance of our properties while effectively managing the relationships and social aspects within our buildings.

Leasing – Property and Asset Management handles the leasing of all TRP rental properties, including the application process. The department also ensures full compliance will all federal housing regulations, including the Equal Housing Opportunity Act.


Maintenance – Property and Asset Management provides professional property management services for current tenants. We pride ourselves on maintaining safe, clean, and affordable homes for working-class families. Our preventive maintenance work also ensures that the investments made by TRP and its generous investors and supporters are carefully preserved.

Compliance – Property and Asset Management maintains full compliance with all federal and state housing laws and building codes, and works with auditors and inspectors as necessary.

TRP’s Property and Asset Management department currently oversees the management of 14 residential buildings with a total of 274 affordable rental apartments, five commercial spaces, a senior center, two day care centers, and 23 vacant lots and buildings for future development.312-248-8355


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