Our impact

TRP’s real estate development work creates new units of affordable housing for area families. And while the impact in helping a family secure a safe, affordable, quality home can’t be measured, the impact on the surrounding communities can be appreciated in seeing how the physical environment is transformed.

The physical development work TRP pursues has left an indelible mark on its target neighborhoods, turning empty lots, blighted structures, and boarded-up buildings into new community assets.

The photos below paint a picture of the impact TRP has had on the physical environment. We are proud of the work we have accomplished, but understand that the gains our communities have made are only the beginning. We still have much work to do, but working together, we will continue to have an impact.

Creating affordable housing and improving area safety

In 2001, TRP acquired a vacant property that had deteriorated the surrounding area. A year later, that abandoned building became Casa Puebla, which restored the building into 52 units of quality affordable housing.

A typical rehabilitation project

These pictures illustrate how TRP renovates abandoned homes into new affordable homes for working-class families. This property in Back of the Yards was acquired through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and recently went on the market as a rental unit.


Changing the Pilsen landscape and an education trend

La Casa was conceived not as a new, modern building for students, but as a means to help Latino students earn their bachelor’s degree by providing on-campus-style living and academic resources closer to home. But the transformation of the corner of 18th Street and Paulina can’t be understated. The new building has anchored the development of the neighboring zócalo into a vibrant community space. Gone are the boarded up windows. In their place is a modern learning campus that TRP will continue to develop as a college campus connection and communal space in the heart of Pilsen.


Revitalizing a neighborhood and empowering its people

TRP has never been just about bricks and mortar projects. Our goal has and always will be the creation of healthy communities where residents play an active role in the neighborhood’s revitalization. We aim to create healthy, safe, and vibrant places to live. A look back at two summer festivals–one held in 2008, the other in 2012–offers a glimpse into how the Zócalo has become not just a gathering place for the community, but an emerging educational and cultural campus in the heart of Pilsen.