Ivonne Zerpa

ivonne-zerpa-e1478632584535Ivonne Zerpa and her family were happily living in an apartment in West Chicago before disaster struck. She was working full-time at a grocery store and often had back pain. She injured her back and a few months later was laid-off. This impacted her family because they were no longer able to afford the beautiful apartment they were renting.

She and her husband also began falling behind on bills and were forced to move into a small and cramped basement with their two young children. Ivonne was looking forward to the day when they could move elsewhere. She thought the dream of homeownership was out of reach because she is a DACA recipient.

After a few months, her children began having respiratory problems because the basement apartment was cold and damp. Ivonne feared her children’s health would worsen. She began researching and was referred to TRP’s DACA Homeownership Workshop.

She decided to participate in the program and began learning about how to build her credit. Prior to coming to TRP’s workshop she felt confused about credit and the home purchase process.

“If the program did not exist I would never have purchased my home and my children’s health would have worsened living in that basement,” said Ivonne.

Today, Ivonne and her husband are proud homeowners. “My kids have their own rooms and there is much more space for all of us,” noted Ivonne. “Since we moved into our new home my children are healthier and happier.”

Ivonne encourages DACA recipients not to be afraid of buying a home. She thinks if you get good information nothing is impossible and you can buy a home.

“Purchasing this home was important to us because we want to make sure we our children are healthy and have stable housing.”

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