Claudia Castillo

claudia-castillo_1Castillo and her teenage son Gustavo were looking for an apartment to call their own.

They were living in the second floor apartment in Chicago’s Little Village community, where for years, Claudia would carry her son up and down the stairs because of his disability. This process became “natural” to Claudia, but once Gustavo started to grow, it become more difficult to carry him. This summer it became too much and Claudia was ready to search for a place that met her and her son’s needs.

Claudia made her way to TRP because she had heard from family members that TRP offered apartments for rent. She made an appointment and, with the help of TRP’s staff, she completed her application for a new apartment. Claudia was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to find a wheelchair accessible apartment.

In August 2016, TRP helped her find an apartment in the Pilsen neighborhood.


Claudia and her son moved in to The Resurrection Project’s Casa Morelos, where they now have access to an elevator, and washing machines in the building. They are excited about their new life. “I do feel more confident about myself, just because everything is new. I feel more motivation to do things. It’s easier because of the elevator, and because there’s a washing machine and everything is more accessible.”

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