Economic development


To complement our community-building work, TRP develops capital projects to increase economic opportunities at the community level.

In recent years, TRP has invested in the development of more than 100,000 square feet of commercial real estate. In the coming years, TRP will continue to make investments to help promote the continued growth of the 18th Street Commercial Corridor in Pilsen.

Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association

In 2011, TRP and its partners established the Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association (GPEDA), an alliance of local business to promote Pilsen’s economic prosperity. In 2012, TRP helped GPEDA celebrate its first year anniversary.

GPEDA logoGPEDA’s Mission
It is the Purpose of the Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association (G.P.E.D.A) to engage Pilsen businesses, organizations, and institutions to work together to protect, promote, sustain, and stimulate the orderly growth of the Pilsen business and economic climate and the overall well-being of the Pilsen Community.

The Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association is an organization founded by Pilsen Business owners, organizations, and institutions committed to building on the amazing existing assets of Pilsen for its continual economic growth, sustainability, and prosperity.

The Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association works concurrently with business owners, organizations, community stakeholders, and residents to assist in implementing economic, business development, training and educational programs to strengthen the local economy and business climate.

GPEDA’s Programs and Services

IMG_9162The Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association offers the following services to all of its member businesses.

Business Directory: Member businesses will be included in our quarterly printed directory. The directory will include and feature special sales, coupons, and highlights of featured businesses and organizations in the community.

Electronic Business Directory and Marketing Services: Member business will be included in our electronic directory located on the and the websites with shared links to increase traffic to their sites.

Maintenance and Beautification Program: Members will benefit from this program which will employ volunteer crews to clean up and maintain specific commercial areas of Pilsen on a seasonal basis. The program focus will be garbage removal, street sweeping and garden beautification.

Mentor Program: GPEDA will establish and leverage relationships with local high schools and colleges to provide hands on learning opportunities to students in community and economic development, as well as entrepreneurship. These youth will play an active role in assisting local businesses with specific technical assistance needs.

Merchant Services: Member businesses will receive discount rates of up to 15% from select vendors. Member businesses will also receive competitive discounted credit card transaction rates from participating financial institutions.

For more information about GPEDA, visit their web site at or call 312-698-8898.