Community organizing


The best asset to push economically challenged communities forward are its people. TRP empowers people to forge paths towards better living, promoting healthier neighborhoods, and improving the quality of life. Our leadership formation trainings equip residents to become engaged in the civic process, advocate for rights, and lead others to solve a variety of local socioeconomic issues.

Our community organizing and education efforts engage neighbors, businesses, and stakeholders in a wide range of community-development initiatives. This includes the formation of the Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association and community beautification events. Community organizing also led to the establishment of a new housing legislature in Chicago that ensures 21% of all new private development is set aside as affordable housing.

We engage neighbors, businesses, and stakeholders in a wide range of community-development initiatives, including the following:

Leadership Development

TRP offers leadership development courses in our partner parishes and schools. Our leadership program begins with strengthening our understanding of our culture, self-esteem, and communication skills. The second part of the course opens the door to understanding our community and how we can use our collective power for change. Participants are encouraged to get involved in their parish or school and to begin forming relationships with others within their institutions and with other leaders from institutions throughout the community. Our courses lead to the formation of core teams made up of people who actively work to build healthy communities.

Parents as Mentors

In 2013, TRP began implementing the Parents as Mentors Program with our partners at Richard J. Daley Elementary Academy and William H. Seward Communication Arts Academy. The Parents as Mentors program first began at the Logan Square Neighborhood Association in 1995. Community organizations partner with schools to recruit approximately 10 parents per school to assist teachers two hours every day. Before entering the classroom, parent mentors participate in a week-long leadership training. Parents are then assigned to a classroom (not their own child’s) where they are mentored by a teacher and work one-on-one and in small groups with children. Ongoing leadership development trainings occur throughout the school year.


As a member of the Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), TRP organizes local immigrant communities so they have a voice in the local, state, and national immigration debate. We are committed to expanding the rights of immigrants and rewarding the hard work and contributions families have made to build our community.


After the construction of Casa Maravilla, TRP quickly learned that seniors are eager to improve the communities they live in. The organization is committed to including seniors in all organizing aspects of the organization. Seniors make up a vital part of our core teams in the institutions that we work with.

Civic Engagement

To promote full and active civic participation by community members, TRP holds voter registration drives and conducts Get Out the Vote campaigns. Through these efforts, TRP has registered thousands of new voters and launched massive Get Out the Vote drives to ensure our communities are represented at the polls.

TRP is a member of The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and United Power for Action and Justice.

To learn more about our community organizing efforts, please contact Eréndira Rendon, Community Organizer, at 312-880-1151 or