Affordable housing


TRP believes in the right of each individual and family to a safe and affordable home. That is why the development of affordable housing has been one of our main and ongoing initiatives since TRP was founded in 1990.

TRP acquires vacant lots, abandoned homes and, more recently, foreclosed homes through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. TRP then works to renovate these properties into affordable homes for rent and sale. The result is the creation of quality affordable homes for working-class individuals and families, and renovated structures that help to transform the physical landscape. Redeveloped foreclosed homes also help the community as a whole by decreasing blight, creating safe spaces, and increasing surrounding property values. TRP believes that the creation of safe, affordable, quality housing is the cornerstone of comprehensive community development.

Since 1990, TRP has developed 140 single family and 2-unit homes (200 units total) and 12 apartment buildings with a total of 156 affordable units, and continues to be a local and regional leader in affordable housing development.

You can see the impact of our work here.