Our initiatives


Affordable housing

TRP believes in the right of each individual and family to a safe and affordable home. That is why the development of affordable housing has been one of our main and ongoing initiatives since TRP was founded in 1990.

Financial literacy and wellness

TRP was never just about bricks and mortars: it was about creating healthy communities. And healthy communities need to be financially healthy and stable.

Community organizing

The best asset to push economically challenged communities forward are its people. TRP empowers people to forge paths towards better living, promoting healthier neighborhoods, and improving the quality of life.

Economic development

To complement our community-building work, TRP develops capital projects to increase economic opportunities at the community level.


TRP manages Elev8, a program that extends the school day with afternoon, weekend, and summer programs.

Health and safety

TRP offers the community health advocacy through free health workshops, and promotes safety and peace through youth initiatives such as the Resurrection Basketball League.

Digital inclusion

TRP offers free computer classes that cover internet browsing, e-mail, social media training, and other vital computer skills.

Arts and culture

TRP promotes arts and culture programs in its communities to promote community-building and creative expression.

Immigration reform

TRP has partnered with organizations such as the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and rights.