Real Estate Development


TRP’s Real Estate Development department manages our real estate development functions. This includes the acquisition of vacant lots and properties for rehabilitation, the planning of new constructions such as La Casa, and the procurement of the grant and investment dollars necessary for such projects.

In 2011, the Real Estate Development department served as developer and project manager for Instituto Del Progreso Latino’s new charter high school: Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy (IHSCA). The school, completed in September 2011, provides 600 youth with a college-preparatory education that emphasizes the health sciences. IHSCA, a $22 million investment in the community, is a 100,000 sq.ft. high-quality learning facility that will have a tremendous social and economic impact for years to come.

Have questions for the Real Estate Development Department?

For organizations interested in contracting TRP for real estate development projects, please contact Guacolda Reyes, Vice President of Real Estate Development, at 312-880-1152.