Community Engagement and Programs


The best asset to revitalize a community is its people.

The Community Engagement and Programs department of The Resurrection Project empowers people to forge paths toward education, safety, healthier neighborhoods, and an improved quality of life. We help residents become civically engaged so that they become community leaders
who advocate for rights and lead others to solve a variety of socioeconomic issues at the local, regional, and even national level.

Community Engagement and Programs engages neighbors, businesses, elected officials, and stakeholders in creating healthy communities through five core programs:communityorganizingTRP3

Community organizing - We engage neighbors, businesses, and stakeholders in a wide range of community-development initiatives, including the Greater Pilsen Economic Development Association (GPEDA) and community beautification events. Community organizing helped create legislation that set aside 21% of all new private development for affordable housing.

Education - We mobilize parents and community leaders to advocate for local and national education initiatives. We also manage Elev8 at Orozco Academy, which extends the school day with afternoon, weekend, and summer programs. Elev8 also supports an adolescent- focused health clinic at Orozco to provide social supports, access to public benefits, mentoring, and help with high school placement.

Digital inclusion - Through the Smart Communities program, we’re helping to close the digital divide by offering free computer classes to community residents on how to use computers, surf the Internet, set up e-mail, use social media, and more. Our graduates are now using technology to contact elected officials and find essential city services.

IMG_0681Health and safety - We promote community health through breast cancer prevention workshops, showing residents how to access affordable health care, and health advocacy fairs
and workshops throughout the year. Our Resurrection Basketball League and our work with Hoops in the Hood and other anti-violence peace coalitions engages youth in sporting tournaments to help promote peace and safety in our communities.